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Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

*Steve started his first day of real dentistry work on August 6th. He is really enjoying work. We also have become good friends with the other new dentist in his office and his family. It is nice to have another couple in our same shoes. They have a little girl who is 2.5 that Alexa loves to play with and a cute six week old baby girl. We went with them to a Saturday Art Fair in Prescott:

*We love our ward and the friends we have made there. Steve's calling in the ward is to teach the eleven-year-old boys in Primary, and my calling is relief society computer specialist. (Update: our ward is going to be split on Sunday... so who knows about our callings).
*Alexa is going through a phase where she hates shoes. It makes getting ready to go out much more difficult. I'm really hoping this phase ends soon.
*I have Alexa's room pretty much put together.

*Alexa loves playing with her stuffed toys and dolls and is really good at make-believe play.

*I have been working on Bennett's nursery. I made the changing pad cover, wall hanging, and crib skirt so far. I need some more things for the walls and some kind of table/shelf for a lamp and such. But we're getting there...
*We have been having some great thunderstorms and nice cooler weather here. I am really enjoying the sunsets. Watching the pouring rain out the window:

*Alexa has been letting me do her hair for preschool:

*Alexa's preschool teacher told me that there was a little boy in her class the other day who was crying and Alexa sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to him to make him feel better.
*Bennett was born! And we love him!

*Alexa was super sweet the first time that she saw Bennett. She came into the hospital room and I said, "Alexa, look at my tummy, the baby came out, here he is..." She giggled and exclaimed, "Thank you mommy!"
*Alexa is adjusting very well and hasn't shown signs of jealousy yet... She is always referring to Bennett as "My baby."
*My mom has been here for the week and it has been wonderful to have her help! Both of my parents were here for the weekend Bennett was born. And my dad and brothers are coming for a couple of days this weekend as well.


The Mursets said...

Congratulations on baby Bennett! He is SO cute! I am glad Alexa is adjusting so well too. You have a super cute family and I love reading your blog!

lindsey said...

So gald to see you guys all settled in your new place! Bennett is adorable! Congrats!

Hope you are doing great!