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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Third Trimester

6/8/2012 doctor appointment: I've gained 13 pounds. I've added soft blanket layers under my sheets in bed so my legs don't go dead at night as often.
6/14/2012 I felt baby boys hiccups for the first time.
7/10/2012 3D Ultrasound:

7/31/2012 Back aches in the month of July...
8/6/2012 38 Weeks:

8/7/2012 At my doctors appointment I was not dilated but starting to thin out. Baby still moves around a lot but it is less painful for some reason.
8/11/2012 We think we have decided on a name! Bennett!
8/16/2012 At my doctors appointment I was dilated to a 1 and 80% effaced, gained 23 pounds.
8/19/2012 My back has been better but my nerves in my upper inner thigh get pinched pretty often. I have contractions all the time but none of them are painful. I have to go pee every one or two hours. We got a new infant car seat and I have the nursery pretty much ready... just waiting for Bennett to decide to come out!
8/21/2012 My Due Date!! I went to see the doctor and I got scheduled to be induced on Saturday, August 25!
40 weeks:

Can't wait!

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Gina and Jon said...

So excited for you congrats on the new little man, and cute name.