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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bennett at One Week

{September 1}

*Bennett is a dream baby! He is very different than Alexa was so far. He sleeps so much, he actually likes the car seat, and he is taking a pacifier. Alexa wasn't like that because she had reflux, so I'm super glad Bennett is free from that! 
*Bennett is sweet and already does a lot of smiling!
*Nights have been great so far. I feed him and put him to bed around 10, he then wakes up only twice in the night, like at 2 and 5:30. Then he wakes up sometime after 7 or 8. 
*He is pretty consistent during the day eating every 3 or 4 hours, sleeping most of the time, with some wake time here and there.
*Breast feeding is going great, it's much less stressful the second time.
*Some good news is that my tail bone didn't break during delivery this time! So recovery is going great and I can actually sit down and stand up with out tail bone pain!
*My family visited over the weekend and Bennett and Alexa got a lot of attention. We also got to see Dawson run a college cross country meet in Flagstaff.

 One week:

Caught part of a smile :)


Ashley said...

Yay for updates! You seriously put me to shame! I'm so glad Bennett is being a good little bug. You are going to think I'm crazy but I think I see some family resemblance? Something about his facial expressions/ hair remind me of bubba:)

Tara said...

Such cute pictures! I'm glad Bennett is so much better than Alexa was and doesn't have acid reflux. You had a rough go those first couple months with all the bouncing. :)