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Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012

*Our stake was re-aligned and we are in a new ward.
*Whenever Bennett gets fussy, Alexa says, "It's OK baby Bennett, I'm right here." She says it in such a sweet voice, it's cute.
*When we ask Alexa what she wants to be for Halloween, she says a "heart mommy dog." I'm not sure what that means...
*I generally only have to wake up one time to feed Bennett at night, but there are nights here and there that I have to wake up two or three times.
*Steve and I finally broke down and got smart phones.
*I switched Alexa to have preschool in the mornings instead of the afternoon and her naps and sleeping habits have been much better. She usually naps from 12 to 2 and Sleeps from 8 to between 6:30 and 7.
*Alexa has been loving playing golf and baseball in the backyard with daddy.

We had a fun visit from Aunt Krisit - Alexa loves her!

"The Flamingo" 

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Lindsey said...

Your back yard looks awesome! What fun! Your kids are cute, cute, cute!