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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bennett: Two Months Old

We love our Bennett boy! He has gotten so much more social this month! He is such a good boy!

Weight: 13lbs 10oz, 70th percentile
Height: 23.25in, 55th percentile
Head: 40.5cm, 84th percentile

*Bennett has been cooing a lot.
*He has laughed several times.
*He smiles whenever he sees someones face.
*He smiles whenever he hears Alexa's voice.
*He has a 9 or 10 hour stretch of sleep every night.
*He has at least one really long nap per day and then a couple more for an hour or two.
*I love when I unwrap him from a swaddle when he wakes up and he throws both of his hands up in the air by his head as if to say, "Touchdown!".
*I love watching him look around and discover things.
*He has a blowout at least 3 times per week. Usually in his car seat, yuk!
*He did awesome on our flights to and from Philadelphia.
*His head is still floppy, he can't sit in the bumbo yet.

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