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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

*Alexa is doing preschool twice a week, gymnastics once per week, and a music play group once per week. The days go much better when she's has an activity.
*Sometimes we go to library story time, the indoor mall park, other play groups, or open qym at the gymnastics place.
*Steve's new calling in the ward is Young Men's President, he's had a lot of meetings!
*My new calling is Primary Music Leader.
*Steve had a conference/training in Phoenix and I made him bring home Cafe Rio for me! Another time when he had to go down we went with and I took the kids to the mall in Scottsdale. And we ate a Cafe Rio again ;)
*We enjoyed several visitors and the kids and I had a great last-minute trip to Philadelphia and lived through hurricane Sandy!

Bennett playing princesses with Alexa... sorry dad.

"Look at my Moves"

Tantrum in the Scottsdale mall

Alexa's Gymnastics Class

Softplay with daddy

Play fighting with golf clubs

Two babies asleep in the car, can you see Bennett?

Visit from great-grandma Jackson and Kristi

She came out of her room from her nap dressed as a princess one day.

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