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Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

Where did November go?

We had the elections... here is Alexa's reaction!


Alexa just keeps getting more grown up. We're doing a lot with sticker charts and chore charts. They are good motivation for her.
Alexa really loves Bennett and she is such a good helper with him. He smiles whenever he knows she's around.
I cut my hair short! I loved having long hair, but it has been so nice not having it in the way lately! It was a good change!
Steve has been enjoying some fun activities with the young men in the ward. He LOVED golfing with his dad and brothers in St. George.
Other than that we've just been having play dates and other such fun. Unfortunately we've all been sick with a cold/flu... I've had it going on three weeks! No fun! Just hoping we'll all feel well before Christmas break!

Alexa says the funniest things:

Alexa: "I wish I was bigger."
Me: "You are already pretty big, why do you want to be bigger?"
Alexa: "I want to be a firefighter, like Santa."

On our road trip to St. George...
Steve and I were trying to talk about Disneyland discreetly...
Me talking to Steve: "I don't think she(Alexa) knows what that(Disneyland) means."
Alexa: I know what that means!
Me: You do? What does it mean?
Alexa: I know science.
Me: Oh ya? What is science?
Alexa: Science is trees!

Cuddle time:

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