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Thursday, November 1, 2012


The kids and I had a fun trip to visit my sister and her family in Philadelphia! My parents were there too! 

The kids were great on the flights!

This old mansion was turned into a huge indoor and outdoor park.

Gunny sac slide.

Happy Birthday to Dillon and Lindsey!

Dillon loved his baths with Alexa. He did not stop laughing/screaming the whole time.

Picnic in the park. The fall colors were so beautiful there!

A lot of cousin playing!

Panorama of our rental van while we were driving around in the hurricane :)

This picture was taken just a bit before the power went off for the evening and over night. We didn't have any flooding, just heavy rain and winds.

UPENN, where Carlton is attending dental school.

A pumpkin farm, they had the yummiest apple cider and doughnuts!

Alexa was dancing with this random mascot on stage.

First our flight was cancelled on Monday, then our flight was delayed over four hours on Wednesday... I'm so glad my parents were there and that they made it on the flight stand-by. Poor Alexa missed trick-or-treating! Luckily she didn't really know she missed out.

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