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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013

Alexa is fiesty lately. Punching and stomping. "I don't like anything!" I hope this mean phase ends soon!
Alexa is so good at playing with Bennett!

Steve has been busy with the young men. We have had them over to our place often making food or having dessert.
Eleven o'clock church has been nice.
I have been using most of my spare time trying to find a house to buy in Las Vegas.

Alexa loves exercising with the Kinect. Here she is running through New York.

She loves to dress up and put things on Bennett's head.

I backed up all of our pictures.

Play date at soft play with Macy.

Alexa loves to help cook and stir.

Alexa likes to draw our family.


It snowed!

Alexa was sick one morning. Poor girl.

Checking out her valentines loot from grandma.

Grandma sent her this shirt and she wanted her hair and accessories to match the girl on the shirt.

We made a fort out of some boxes.

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Malorie said...

So excited about the move! Are you guys doing this long term, and is Steve staying with the same company?