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Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013

We should be closing on a house this week or next in Las Vegas!
Alexa started a session of gymnastics again. She loves it!
Steve took the youth on a temple trip this month.
Steve got a couple of implants in his mouth.
I've been enjoying watching Downton Abbey again, movie and lunch dates with friends, play dates, and planning the updates to our home we're buying.
Bennett is just a super sweet and good baby. He adds a lot of joy to the house. The past couple of days he's really practicing his squealing and finding his voice!
Alexa still naps occasionally. She has been a lot better at not throwing huge fits when we're getting her dressed or putting shoes on.
Alexa must be growing because I swear I feed her all day long. She's always saying, "I'm still hungry!"
February was a funny weather month here. Sometimes snowy and cold and some days super warm where we have to sit in the shade at the park.
Alexa has been loving Slinky's, Nutella on everything, and doing "makeup" this month.

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Cami and Mitch said...

Jealous that you're closing on your house so soon! Post pictures!