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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013

*If you have seen Super Why on PBS Kids you'll understand this kick that Alexa is on:
Me- Alexa will you please pick up your puzzle?
Alexa- I can't mom, see it's in my story, (pointing to the air as if there were words floating there) "The little girl can't pick up her puzzle."
Then I proceed to help her "change her story" so that it says that the little girl can pick up her puzzle. She'll then usually cooperate and do what she's told :-)

*I turned 29 and I'm feeling pretty old.
*We moved from AZ to live with my parents until our house closes.
*Steve's work had a big "good bye" Olive Garden lunch for the whole office on his last day.
*Alexa and I had a hard time saying good bye to our AZ friends. We got together with as many friends as we could before we moved.

(I have more pictures and stuff to add... if we ever get in our LV house!)

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