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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Move

We were approaching the year mark in Prescott Valley, AZ so we decided it was time to move... Just kidding. Although this is the 6th move we've had in our 5 years of marriage. I grew up moving a lot though, and I don't mind it. I enjoy de-cluttering and decorating a new place. I just hope that I will feel settled in our next home for a least 3-5 years since it is the first home we are buying.

To make a long story short, we are moving because Steve's dental office in Prescott was pretty slow patient-wise. We really loved the people we met in AZ and Steve really enjoyed the people at his office, it was a perfect place for him to transition from student to dentist. After our Christmas vacation in Utah, we were driving the really long boring drive home, and I turned to Steve and asked him why we don't live in Vegas? (I didn't ask why we don't live in Utah because Utah is hard for dentists to get started there and it would take us forever to get out of debt.) We went through a lot of pro's and con's and all of the sudden, Vegas seemed like the place for us!

That next week after getting home was a crazy one. Steve told his boss about wanting to transfer to Las Vegas, (His boss was actually relieved because he had been praying about how he was going to get more work for the office.) we started looking for houses, talked to our parents and family about it, and everything seemed to start falling in to place that we should move.

For a few months we didn't know exactly which Pacific Dental Services office Steve would be transferred too, (There are 18 or so in Las Vegas) which made it really hard to narrow down an area to look for a house. And we also didn't know if he'd start in April or June for a while. After all was said and done, we are super excited that Steve gets to take over for a dentist who is going back to school to do endodontics or something. This dentist was one of the top producing dentists in the whole company, so Steve should be very busy! Also, his office is in a great new area in NW Las Vegas.

Looking for a house was very frustrating. The market has very low inventory and a lot of buyers. We put offers in on maybe 12 homes and we would bid $5,000 to $20,000 over the asking price. We feel very blessed to be getting the home that we are, we think it is a really good deal and has almost everything on our checklist. (Maybe I'll post about the house soon.)

So, anyhow, we packed everything up and my parents and brother came to load us up on my birthday :) We are now living with them in St. George while we are waiting for our house to close. Should be any day now... Steve starts his first day of work in Las Vegas tomorrow. He will be staying two nights in a hotel. My family is super awesome for helping us so much and we've loved spending extra time with them. We are very glad to be moving only and hour and a half away from them... because let's face it, we just keep trying to live closer to family! We'll also be only 5 hours from our Orem family and an easy plane ride from long distance friends and family!

Holy long post, I never do that... here are the pictures:

We had to say goodbye to a lot of great friends. Luckily I got this picture of the twins giving Alexa a sandwich hug!

We were stacked pretty high!

Our beautiful welcome into Nevada:

Rest stop:

All of our Earthy possessions :) Is this a lot of stuff for being married 5 and a half years? I don't even know...

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MaryAnne and Chase Heap said...

Congrats to your family Danielle! Las Vegas will be great, and so cool you get to live that close to family :) You are sooo organized!! I love it!