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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day in Utah

On Thursday Steve got off work a little after 6 and then we drove to St. George and spent the night.

On Friday we left for Orem in the morning. The kids did great on the drive. We love that the drive is much shorter than it used to be for us! Nana played with Alexa while I ran a few errands in Orem and Steve went golfing with his brothers and dad. Then all the cousins came over for dinner and we played in the park.

Saturday morning we went shopping for couches... Then we went with everyone to see Brandon and Julie's new house in Saratoga Springs. It is beautiful and all of the kids had so much fun in their huge basement riding scooters and playing dress up. We went to a couple more parks that evening.

Sunday we all went to Temple Square. It was beautiful and the kids all had a really good time. After we all got together at Kim and Ashley's for dinner and fun. We also went to visit the graves of they Taylors and Jacksons who have passed on. I really wish I would have taken pictures. I am glad we took the kids, we all had a good experience there.

Monday morning the guys went golfing again. Papa opened the pool and we had a swim and BBQ day. We loved it! Alexa and Bennett love the water. And we also found out that Bennett loves Creamies. That night we played games and let this kids play.

Tuesday we went up to Midway to see where my dad and brother were working, got lunch, picked flowers, and then my mom hitched a ride back to St. George with us. We stayed the night in St. George and left for Vegas in the morning to make Bennett's 9:00 doctor appointment.

It was a really fun weekend! We missed Sean and Cari Sue! Hopefully all of the cousins got back to their normal sleeping schedules OK!

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