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Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013

May has been a whirlwind! We pretty much spend every day working on some kind of project for our house. My dad and brother have been awesome to help with so much of it! One thing is for sure, painting an entire house is not fun :) I try to take the kids out still and we have found a lot of great parks and they almost all have a water feature to keep cool.

We got to Skype with Andrew for Mother's day. He is doing awesome!

My mom came down and we got to celebrate her birthday with her.

We got completely unpacked and got both cars in the garage. It is too hot here to not have the cars in the garage.

Alexa dresses herself every day, and I only rarely have to tell her to pick something different. She is great at entertaining herself and has loved the hammock and slide in the back yard. She'll really be in heaven once we get a lawn in the back yard, hopefully soon!

Our new ward has been great. There aren't many kids in Sunbeams but we have already made several friends at Tuesday play groups. We've had the elders over for dinner and Steve has gone on teaching visits with them.

We are getting a little closer to being done with projects in the house, we finally found a sectional yesterday that they will deliver next Friday. We haven't hung anything on the walls yet. Choosing paint colors and window treatments have been the hardest parts for me. We still have work to do in the kitchen for sure. But, we have been loving the layout and comfort of our home and are grateful for Steve's job and that he has been plenty busy!

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Shelly Flake said...

Thanks for the updates and all of the cute pictures. Your house looks so great and you are already so organized.

So glad that you live closer.
Love ya,mom