"The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013

*Alexa has been enjoying her dance and gymnastics classes. She gets so excited to go a does a great job.
*We got grass in our backyard. So far it's doing great, even in the 117 degree weather! 
*We got a new nephew on June 20! Joshua Ryan Jackson, son of Sean and Cari Sue!
*Our friend Larry, who Steve has been helping the missionaries fellowship and teach got baptized. 
*We have visited a lot of splash parks this month.
*We are enjoying our ward and playgroups.
*Steve was called to be the financial clerk in the ward. I'm still calling-less.
*We're enjoying Las Vegas, I guess I do like living in a bigger city.

The wind was blowing some water spray from the splash park and Bennett was loving it!

Criagslist find, hours of fun.

Lounging in the hammock. 

Hanging out with some dental school friends, the Conklins. 

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