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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bennett: One Year Old

Weight: 22.75 lbs, 50th %
Height: 30.5 in, 73rd %
Head: 18.7 in, 80th %

5 teeth, one stubborn one that keeps bugging him and just won't come through.
Says hi and dada on occasion.
He loves to clap.
He learned how to crawl and he's can also walk while pushing a toy.
If I'm holding him and I say "hug", he leans his head on my shoulder and makes a cute loving noise.
I can ask him where his tongue is and he'll stick it out and make noises with it.
He follows Alexa around and plays in whatever room she is playing in. 
He likes facing forward in his car seat now. Luckily, if he falls asleep in there, he lets me transfer him to his crib.
He gets very excited when dad gets home from work.
He likes playing with balls and trucks.
He likes when I read books and make animal noises.
He likes to point at a picture or object and hear someone tell him what it is.
I don't know what it is about Vegas, but any store I go in to at least three people stop us to say how cute and smiley Bennett is.
We love our sweet boy!

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