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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013

Bennett is now 13-months-old and says: Hi, oh, uh oh, dada, and ball. He loves saying "Hi" though. He says it to people in the store and says it a little too loudly to people behind us in sacrament meeting at church.
Bennett has taken his first steps.
Bennett has 7 teeth now.
I'm working on weaning Bennett from breastfeeding, but he doesn't drink much from bottles or sippys so it has been tricky.
He has really attached to his blankies and makes a 'love-y' sound when he sees one.
He loves going with me to get the mail and insists on holding the letters.
He is really good at playing with and sometimes bugging Alexa.
Alexa insists on helping me with Bennett. She has to help with EVERY single thing... diapers, feeding, walking, etc. It is sometimes helpful.
She loves her new friends in the ward and neighborhood.
She loves swim lessons but it seems that proper swimming techniques aren't as natural to her as gymnastics or dance have been.
Steve and I got to have a date night early in the month when my mom came down one of the weekends.
We ALMOST got ourselves to train for the 5k we have coming up. We went running once or twice. Maybe we'll do better next month ;)
We're loving the cooler weather and can't wait for Fall festivities. 
- - - - -
I was trying to teach Bennett to throw rocks but he only wanted to eat them.

I got to tend baby Joshua one evening. He's a sweetie!

Alexa feeding Bennett some baby food.

We had a garage sale one Saturday because our neighbors across the street had one going. We didn't sell a ton but we took the leftovers to DI and it was GREAT to de-junk. I love de-junking!

Bennett has been pushing things all over the house.
Alexa asked to get their picture taken while we were waiting for preschool carpool one morning.

Alexa has a new friend. Ana comes over almost every day. Her family just moved in to the neighborhood. She is 8, but they get along really well. She has come to church with us the last two weeks as well.

Some of Bennett's first steps! He keeps getting braver and walking a lot more each day.

One day I took the kids to the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and then we went to watch the Bellagio fountains and then we went in to Bellagio to see their Autumn set-up in the Conservatory. We then shared a yummy gelato!

My best attempts at a pre-church photo.

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