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Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 2013

Bennett says "Mommy" now. 
His favorite word this month is "wassatt" (what's that).
Bennett is climbing everything and making a lot of messes.
He knows when he's ready for his naps and points to his bed or toward his bedroom and loves to go to sleep.
Bennett imitates other kids all the time.
He folds his arms for prayer (for about 4 seconds).
He has his front 8 teeth and at least 2 molars have come in.
Bennett's 15-month stats:
Weight: 24lb 40%
Height: 31in 43%
Head Cir.: 18.8in 72%

Alexa tries to make jokes, "What if I ate the curtains?" ... That's it, that's the whole joke. :)
She is loving the trampoline we got for early Christmas from one of Steve's assistants.
Alexa's friends Ona (8) and Wooky (12) come over for at least two hours ever day. They play together very well. We are having missionary discussions with their family at our house occasionally. 

We were in St. George one weekend and visited my dads current work site. There were beautiful views of Zion. Darrell, Eve, Alex, Mandy and their kids were in St. George at my parents house too so we had some fun game nights.

Bennett always has a bruise on his head from climbing and falling.

We added some grass to our front yard finally.

Alexa loves gym class.

Just a kinect dance party with the neighbor kids.

Nana and Papa came to visit and we checked out the view from the roof of their Marriott suite on the strip.

Reading the Book of Mormon Reader.

More bedtime routine.
 We took advantage of Nana while she was here and she helped us put up the Department 56 houses and the Christmas tree.

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dawson said...

The grass looks good and the kids are still cute! Thanks for sharing :)