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Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014

Here are Bennett's first words: Hi, bye bye, dada, moma, ya, no, whassat, apple, wawa, ball, oh, bubbles, bath, baby, hot, ow.
He's is picking up more words every day now.
He loves running fast when I say, "ready, set, go!"
He hugs our legs randomly, it's really sweet.

We've watched Alexa's little friend Olivia several times this month while her mom subs at the middle school. So Alexa has had a lot of friend time lately, besides the usual Ona and Dartarian (neighbors) coming over after school every day.
Alexa is very picky with her underwear and clothing... it is quite frustrating, I hope she gets over this soon! :)
She is very sweet and loving most of the time.
She enjoyed having cousins visit a couple of times as well as having preschool at our house for two weeks.

I got a haircut and highlights last week. Still deciding if I like the lighter look on me.
I've been reading a couple of books... The Secret Garden and Allegiant. 
I got our taxes prepared and filed.

Steve was called to be the second Councilor in the bishopric in January. He has been a lot busier but seems to be enjoying it ok :)
He has gone to several youth activities including baptisms at the temple.

Alexa wanted to dress up like her doll whose name is Alexa.

Cousin visit!

Preschool at our house.

Messy boy.

Ballet class.

Aliante Dinosaur Discovery Park with my mom and dad when they visited over MLKjr day. 

Bikes at the middle school with Ona and Dartarian.

Towne Square Park.

My little climber. He climbs everything, including the train table.

More messes.

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