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Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014

We visited St. George over Presidents Day weekend and went to the Parade of Homes and had lunch at Pizza Factory. The kids loved spending some extra time with grandma frosting cookies and going the park and such.
My Grandpa and Grandma Datwyler drove through Vegas heading to the Gilbert temple open house and they stopped to see us and joined us for lunch.
Steve spoke in sacrament meeting last week.
We got a minivan, a 2010 Honda Odyssey EXL.
Bennett makes some awesome 'surprised' faces.
Bennett is obsessed with doing buckles.
He loves eating cereal all by himself.
He is big into say bye bye to people lately.
Whenever I ask Bennett a question he says, "uhhh", and then he points or answers.
He is talking and communicating a lot more.
All of his canines are mostly in.
He has been to Nursery a couple of times and loves it. It is right during nap time though...
Alexa finished a dance class session and did a good job on her two performances.
Alexa enjoys doing 'homework' pages and has been coloring a lot more lately.
Alexa got a bunk bed in her room and she loves sleeping on top.
She is always a great helper.
We enjoyed having my sisters family stay with us a couple of nights as they were travelling through to Phoenix to find a house. We are getting excited that they will be so much closer in May!

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