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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

I love how Bennett says "yes". He picks up a new word or two every day. I love having little conversations with him.
I registered Alexa for kindergarten this month! Crazy! She' is excited about it though.
Bennett loves eating cereal, the problem is he makes a huge mess.
The weather here has been amazing, we haven't had our heat or a/c on in our house for more than a month.
Alexa loves to write people letters and send them in the mail.
Bennett loves giving kisses and drinking out of cups like a big kid.
Steve is doing great at work and I have mostly been lazy and sick with my pregnancy...
I turned 30! Feeling kinda old!

Bennett giving kisses to the baby doll.

Bennett is always stealing our cups.

Bennett loves slides and is brave on the big ones too.

Alexa writing a letter to mail to someone. 

Bennett loves his grandpa and is always asking, "where's grandpa". One day he knew grandpa was coming that day and he kept going to the door to see if it was grandpa whenever he heard a noise outside.

I took the kids out for lunch for my 30th birthday. Also my parents came down for my birthday that night.

Alexa had a preschool field trip to the firehouse. Both she and Bennett loved it.

My birthday! My mom came down to help celebrate.

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