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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

Some cute things that Bennett says: 
*Instead of yes he says "uh huh" in a cute high voice.
*When I ask him to do something, he either says "ok momma" or "why?"
*He loves cars and trucks and busses but he makes weird noises for them.
Bennett climbed up a stool and fell off the counter. Steve told me to take him to the ER. (The ER is awful, the wait is so long!) He was fine. He has a classic blake eye for the next week.
We met my cousin Marcus and his family at Town Square Park while they were on Spring Break in Las Vegas.
We enjoyed General Conference and I made cinnamon rolls because I was craving them. (I rarely make desserts).
Bennett has been hitting and biting Alexa unfortunately. But he always gives her a hug and says "sorry" after... They play well together otherwise :)
Alexa got a cute new haircut. Her hair was just too long and tangled all the time.
Alexa has learned how to swim at her lessons at the YMCA. She will be doing one more session during May.
The kids enjoy "doing the dishes" together.
Bennett has figured out puzzles.
We met my parents one day at Town Square Park before they picked up my grandma from the airport. Alexa enjoyed the splash pad there.
Steve has been good and busy at work and also with bishopric stuff like camping and activities.
I finally got to the end of my first trimester and am feeling quite a bit better.

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Shelly Flake said...

Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for all of the pictures. Love Alexa's new haircut. Glad we got to see you in Vegas several times in the last few weeks.