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Monday, April 21, 2014

First Trimester Baby #3

I'm so happy to be feeling better after the first trimester. I always feel bad that I'm anti-social and that I don't take great care of my kids or my house while I'm not feeling well. I'm grateful for the energy I have now to get things done. Can't wait to find out the gender of the baby in a few weeks!

Week 6, 2/24: First signs I notice are fatigue and intense and vivid dreams.
Week 7, 3/3: Trip to California, felt great on the trip until the last day.
Week 8, 3/10: Feeling sick in the afternoon and evening. Smells really bother me. Popcycles and crushed ice help. When I wake up I have to eat fast or I get really sick. Already started waking up to pee at night.
Week 9, 3/17: It's hard to find something I want to eat. I only want real, healthy foods. I have a nap every day. Had first doctor appointment to see heartbeat.
Week 10, 3/24: First ultrasound. Have to pee every two hours.
Week 12, 4/7: Starting to gag because of certain smells, super annoying. Hard to go in the kitchen.
Week 13, 4/14: Another doctor visit, everything is looking great. Gagging...
Week 14: 4/21: My tummy has popped out a bit. Started wearing maternity clothes, maybe too early, but more comfortable. My stomach started feeling better, and then I had like 5 days of headaches, and now I feel quite a bit better!

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