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Friday, May 23, 2014

Phoenix Trip

On Friday morning my mom drove to Vegas with Dillon and Lucy (The kids flew to Utah while Lindsey and Carlton drove from Philly). The 7 of us piled in the van and drove to Phoenix. We dropped them off at Lindsey and Carlton's new house. Friday afternoon we got to head to Gilbert to see Sean, Cari Sue, and Josh. We had a delicious dinner, visited the temple, and fed the ducks at a nice park. That night we played games after the kids were asleep and slept at Sean's house.

Saturday morning, Sean and Steve played golf while Cari Sue and I took the kids to their awesome beach/pool at their community. We loved it. We had some lunch, said goodbye and headed back to Lindsey's new house. We then went to my mom's condo where we would stay the next two nights. We went swimming and to dinner, my dad and Dawson arrived that night.

Sunday we went to Lindsey's new ward and hung out at their house. We helped unload the trailer full of their belongings and then headed to the condo. We had a delicious steak barbeque dinner and played some games.

On Monday, Steve and all the men started the demolition on Lindsey's kitchen. My mom, me, and the kids headed to the pool at Lindsey's community. That afternoon we had to head home to Vegas. It was fun to see both Sean and Lindsey's families!


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Shelly Flake said...

Thanks to you and Steve for your help with Lindsey's move in. Love the pictures of the kids at the new Gilbert Temple. It was a fun Memorial Weekend.