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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Campaign Parades

Steve's dad is running for Utah County Treasurer. He said he needed help with his parades so we decided last minute to head up for a quick trip. On Saturday morning we were in the Springville parade and Saturday night we did the Orem Summer Fest parade. It was a lot of fun passing out candy and mini piggy banks. Alexa rode her bike in the parade and said it was the best day of her life. Bennett was overstimulated and tired by the end of the day. This kids both had really late nights both nights. They loved the extra bit of time with their cousins though. So we ended up being able to spend time with Steve's dad and my dad on Father's Day. We stopped in St. George for dinner for a couple of hours on our way home.

Vote for Kim Jackson June 24!

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Shelly Flake said...

Very cute! Looks like a lot of fun and support for Kim. that was great that you were able to visit with both dads on father's day!