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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

Bennett has a sacred time that he shoots hoops in his room with his daddy. It is usually around 7pm just before bedtime. If I try to go in his room while they're playing ball he yells no and pushes me out of the room and slams the door! He loves his daddy time.
Bennett can count to ten by himself.
He knows a few colors.
He loves jumping in to the pool and off diving boards. He's a little too brave I would say.
He tells us "I yuv you".
He makes an adorable face to show when he's disappointed. He has such a cute personality.

Alexa loves putting random objects into special boxes or bags and giving them to us as gifts.
She's very excited for kindergarten next month.
She can't get enough of the pool. She is a good swimmer without floaties.

We were busy all month with vacations and getting ready for our move to St. George!

Our neighbors pool

St. George Main Street Park

Steve sent Andrew a picture to remind him to brush his teeth

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