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Monday, July 28, 2014

Second Trimester baby #3

Apparently my second trimester is already over!

Week 15, 4/28: Starting to clean more and make real dinners again :)
Week 16, 5/5: Still getting a headache almost every day. Baby bump is noticeable. Feeling baby kick.
5/22: Found out we're having a BOY!
Week 20, 6/2: Feeling the baby kick a lot.
20 Weeks
Week 22, 6/17: Bennett notices my tummy is bigger and keeps saying tummy and pushing my belly as if trying to deflate it. I don't get headaches anymore!
Week 23, 6/23: My legs are starting to go dead at night, they are sore for a few hours after I wake up.
Week 26, 7/14: My legs don't go dead as much. I'm not sleeping as well at night.

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