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Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

Moving to a new house can sure make for a busy month!
Being pregnant, without a ton of energy, did not make it easier. I'm so grateful for my family who helped with our move so much!
We are so happy to be in St. George.

Bennett has transitioned very nicely, the move pretty much didn't phase him.
He likes his new room and house and extra time with grandparents.
He still has at least a two hour nap while Alexa is at school.
He turned two this month and seems so grown up!

Alexa had a harder time with the move because of leaving friends behind. 
She has a few pen pals now and loves sending and receiving letters.
She is making friends in school and church, where there are tons of cute little girls her age.
She really enjoys Kindergarten and doing her homework.

Steve and I celebrated our 7th anniversary! We went to dinner and we have some tickets to Tuacahn to use soon, we've just been a little busy :) 
We're enjoying Sunday dinners at my parents house each week.
We enjoyed a visit from Steve's dad one weekend. Steve loved golfing three times in two days!

Steve's friend is fighting cancer so we supported his cause.

29 Weeks

A visit from Sean, Cari Sue, and Joshua

Wet'n Wild

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