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Monday, September 15, 2014

Moving to St. George

Steve and I feel very blessed that we were able to move to St. George sooner that we ever thought. I feel grateful for the guidance and blessings we've received during the whole process. We were able to  find the job, sell our house, buy a house, and start the new job all in 2 months!

Sat. July 5: We were travelling back to Las Vegas from vacation in Orem and St. George and Steve and I were talking about how we were sick of the drive :) Either that night or the next day we found a job listing online for Half Dental in St. George that we were interested in.

Mon. July 7: Phone interview went well.

Tues. July 8: Invited to visit the office in St. George.

Thur. July 10: Steve applied for a Utah Dental License.

Thur. July 17: Visited Half Dental in St. George on our way to a reunion at Bear Lake. They pretty much told him he could have the job.

Mon and Tue, July 21-22: Steve had to head back to Las Vegas to work but I stayed in St. George with the kids. I found a realtor and found a house! I only looked at about 8 houses but felt really good about the one we got!

Wed .July 23: We made an offer on the St. George home, it was countered, and then they accepted our second offer. Because they were selling by owner we were also able to set up a rental agreement so that we could rent the St. George home until our Vegas homed closed.

The same day I met with the Las Vegas realtor to get started on selling our house.

Mon. July 28: Our house was listed on MLS and we had three showings that day, One of those showing ended up being our buyer!

Tues. July 29: We countered their first offer and then accepted their second offer and took our house off the market.

Thur. August 14: We moved all of our stuff into our new home.

Mon. August 18: Alexa had her first day of Kindergarten. Steve worked a few more days in Las Vegas.

Tues. August 26: Steve started working at Half Dental.

Fri. August 29: We closed on our Las Vegas house!

Mon. September 15: We closed on our home in St. George (technically it's in Washington)!

We feel so blessed and are so happy with the way everything worked out! And a big thanks to my parents and brother for helping with the move so much!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

That is seriously SO AMAZING! I'm glad you got settled before the baby.