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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

September was great. We closed on our new house and have gotten mostly settled in. We have been very impressed with our new ward and how many visitors we've had welcoming us to the neighborhood. We are excited about where we live! The city even finally finished building a bridge across the river near our home that will cut down travel time for Steve driving to work and pretty much everywhere we go. We've enjoyed Sunday dinners at my parents house and having them as babysitters and just being near by.

Bennett is just a crazy energetic boy. He loves puzzles, counting, singing, and playing outside in the mini pool. He and Alexa play really well and fight really well.

Alexa is enjoying school and is making cute friends. She loves riding her bike without training wheels. She loves helping out with everything and is anxious for the baby to come.

I'm loving our new house. I'm hoping that I'm ready for baby to come next month. I wish we could decide on a name for him. I'm not sleeping well these last few months, but I'll be ready to be up with the baby when he comes.

Steve has been great getting a lot of things done around the house. He is enjoying his new office.

We've had a bunch of visitors. Steve's dad, Steve's Aunt Kristi, my sister's family, and my cousins family. We love guests :)

We visited the Johnson Dinosaur Museum... a little boring. 

We tried finding a name for the baby by using bracket elimination. Steve's winner was "Cash", but I couldn't even get down to an elite eight. 

We loved having Lindsey's family in town.

We fed the ducks near our house with aunt Kristi.

Alexa enjoys doing her homework.

This is a picture of me at 37 weeks.

We had Bennett try on his crocodile costume. He looks too cute to not share this picture.

Steve took Alexa to see The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn. She loved it!

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Ruth Jackson said...

It's great you are so good about keeping us all informed. Even though I'm still learning how to view this, I'm grateful you are so diligent. Thank You!