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Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014

October was busy and exciting!
We had a couple of play groups/dates before baby Caden came.
We watched my cousins three-year-old boy Jax one evening while she went to a show at Tuacahn. The kids loved playing with Jax!
Steve's heart was broken by BYU when they lost to Utah State. My grandparents, who are from Logan, were here that night watching the game with us! haha! Poor Steve.
We enjoyed watching general conference.
Baby Caden was born!!
Steve was offered a job at a different office that he didn't accept. Steve is really liking where he is at now and has been very busy! We feel super blessed!
We went to a few fall/Halloween festivities.
I had some friends over that I don't get to see very often. Its fun for our kids to play together and see how each of our family's are growing.
My dad helped us fill in a trampoline hole in our back yard and he yanked out a huge dead palm tree with his backhoe. 
Alexa and Bennett are loving their new brother.
My parents have been super helpful and we are grateful to see them so often!

Alexa lost two teeth recently! She got a dollar for each of them from the toothfairy. 
She enjoyed red ribbon week, including crazy hair day and that she could wear her costume to school on Halloween.
She is a great helper.
She has been dressing herself a lot lately. Sometimes it works, sometimes I make her change!

Bennett is always asking "Where's Baby?" 
He loves to hold Caden with my help.
He has been nice and gentle with Caden but in general, he has become a little trouble maker. He is hitting Alexa a lot, throwing food and bowls all over the kitchen, doesn't let me get him dressed easily, etc, etc. Maybe with the new baby he is trying to get more attention. I've got to figure that boy out soon!
He is also very sweet at times and super funny.
He is still having naps in his crib and sleeps the entire time Alexa is at Kindergarten.

Caden is already growing too fast. It is amazing how fast they grow out of their Newborn diapers and clothing.
He's had some good nights of sleeping 5 hour stretches and some bad nights where he wakes up three times. It could be a lot worse though.

38 Weeks

Steve is pulling her first tooth that was loose!

Alexa dresses herself.

Alexa's Kindergarten Photo

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