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Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

Caden is growing like a weed. He is already in 6-month clothes even though he's less than two-months-old! He's smiling a lot and still sleeping a lot. I kiss him a million times a day.

Bennett has really been a handful lately... I guess this is what they mean by terrible two's. (Alexa was a good two-year-old) Maybe the difference is that Alexa was an only child when she was two and Bennett has an older and younger sibling. Or maybe it's just because he is a boy :) he doesn't listen and loves making messes and trouble. Luckily, he is super sweet and funny occasionally and we love him! Lately, when Bennett wants to emphasize something he is saying he'll say it in a loud growling voice.

Alexa is a good girl and a good helper. She is enjoying school and loves to do things with grandpa and grandma. At my meeting with her teacher for SEP's she only had great things to say about Alexa. She is still a picky and slow eater, and one type of food can't mix with another on her plate. She loves drawing, riding her bike, and playing in the dirt with Bennett.

Steve and Alexa helped put up some temple lights one Saturday. Steve and I loved having guests for Thanksgiving and Caden's blessing. We had a house full of people and we loved it!

Driving grandpa's Mule.

Bennett hates it when Steve leaves for work in the morning and he sometimes blocks the garage door.

The kids got super dirty and dusty riding bikes at the empty lot.
Hot air balloons every weekend.

We put up some of our Christmas decor before Thanksgiving :)
Three sleeping babies!

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