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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had a magical Christmas. We went to my parents on Christmas Eve for a delicious soup bowl dinner. We read Christmas books, sang songs, watched the Nativity, and opened some pajamas. On Christmas morning my parents and Dawson came over at 7, just after the kids woke up. We then watched them come down the stairs and open presents. They were so excited! At 10am we got to Skype Andrew! He is so awesome! Can't wait to see him in less than a month!! We then played toys and games all day. Dawson's girlfriend, Jade, came over for a while to play too! I made a Turkey for dinner. This was our first Christmas morning at our own house. We love Christmas!

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Cami and Mitch said...

I have so many comments I wanted to make while reading this that I can't remember them all!
Christmas at your own home AND with your family does sound magical!! I totally have my eye on a home in your neighborhood :)
Alexa looks SO old in some of those pictures!!! She's rocking that top knot!
That go pod thing Caden got looks awesome! You need to take pictures of that in action!