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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014

My goal is to not feel so busy next December, because this one felt busy. We had a lot of fun though and most of the things we did have their own post :)

Caden gets hiccups when he tries to laugh. He sure smiles a lot now. He has a fussy couple of hours in the evenings but otherwise is a very chill and sleepy baby.

Bennett can't say truck. Instead of the 't' he uses and 'f' sound... Good thing he doesn't know what he is saying because we would be going through of lot of soap for his mouth :) Bennett is in a time of his life when he can't decide if he wants to be a trouble maker or a super sweet and kind helper. He goes back and forth all day long. He is a much better eater than Alexa and eats twice as fast as she does. He talks like a pro but just uses that 'f' sound whenever a word starts with a consonant and then and 'r'.

Alexa is picking up reading really well. I hope to read with her more often now that Caden is older and we are settled in after our move. She is mostly independent and likes being a helper. She has been enjoying Bennett's toys from Christmas probably more than her own :)

Steve and I got called to be the CTR 5 teachers in our ward. We are excited to be able to team teach and that we get to teach Alexa's class in 2015. Steve has never had a calling in the primary. We are enjoying it. We also spoke in church on Dec. 28th. Our topic was being converted. I'm just glad it is over :) We are excited about our goals for 2015 and are especially grateful for the blessings we received in 2014. 


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