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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

January flew by! At first it was going by slowly because I was anxious for my little brother Andrew to get home from his mission. Now I just can't believe it's February! We love having Andrew back around!

Alexa has been enjoying our park playdates and her play dates with school friends. She still occasionally throws a fit about her clothes not fitting right. I let her choose what she wears every day and she has one outfit that she wears probably twice per week. She enjoys playing learning games on the computer and doing art projects.

Bennett has been saying "I love this", "my favorite", and "my best" about everything this past month. We started putting all of the kids to bed earlier, close to 7pm, and they all started sleeping in better. Except Bennett just had a bad few night of sleeping, I think because his legs have been sore from all the hiking and biking we've been doing with cousins. He can be so cute and sweet when he decides to be a peacemaker and not a trouble maker. 

Caden is still getting bigger and is sleeping 11-12 hours more often. He can finally hold his head up when sitting in the bumbo. He is happiest though, when he is laying flat and kicking around or getting his diaper changed.

Life is good and we feel blessed!

We explored a new park in town that is near pioneer park. It is not officially open yet but it will be neat!

January had a lot of sunny, warm days!

Alexa, Grandma, and mommy got a pedicure together.

New haircut! I used to cut Bennetts hair myself, but last time he acted like I was torturing him so we tried this really cute place where they sit in a car and get suckers and balloons and such. They both did great!

Fun mountain bike ride with Andrew. 

We enjoyed several lovely park days.

Riding a bit with Dawson!
Bennett loves his balance bike, he rides it non stop! He's almost ready to go mountain biking with grandpa, he tries to do everything they do like climb over rocks and pop a wheelie!
The Saturday that Andrew got home we hiked Chuckwalla with some relatives.

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