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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Caden is 4 Months Old!

Weight: 16lb 10oz, 80%
Height: 27", 100%
Head: 42.5", 73%

Alexa and Bennett get Caden to laugh better than anyone.
Caden is not quite a consistent sleeper. He's done 12 hours several times. But he usually wakes up one time, around 2am. And occasionally he'll wake up twice.
He sleeps best swaddled, on his back.
He enjoys the bumbo and bouncy seat things, but not for more than 15 minutes.
I tried feeding him sweet potatoes once, he did pretty good.
He loves swatting toys, but his favorite thing is when we tie a balloon to his wrist and he can make it go up and down.
I don't think his eyes are going to be blue.
He has more hair than Alexa and Bennett had and it's fluffy and sticks straight up.

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Shelly Flake said...

He's a cutie. We sure love him. So happy we get to see him on a weekly basis.