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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

We had a nice March. We had a friend tell us about a caribbean cruise and Steve became obsessed about finding us a cruise to go on! He was looking at deals all month long and now he has us booked for one in December. We're pretty excited!

We've also been enjoying some NCAA March Madness around here. It's Steve's favorite time of the year. I also had my birthday this month. It was a good day! My sister-in-law Ashley was in town for Marinn's dance competition and they stayed at our house. I got to go to lunch with my parents and Andrew(and my family). My mom babysat my kids while Steve took me to dinner at Benja's for some DELICIOUS massaman curry. Steve got me a mani/pedi gift certificate and some lovely hempz lotions.

Alexa enjoyed dance lessons the last few months and is starting swim lessons twice a week next month instead. Bennett has been very sweet lately and he loves everythings. Anything that we talk about, he tells us that he loves it. He has a new friend that he loves to play with named Talon. He lives just around the corner and they play super well together. We love having Caden around, Alexa and Bennett take good care of him.

Borrowing grandpa's bike.
Also borrowing grandpa's Mule.

We have a park play date every Wednesday.
Playing at the river beach.

Cousin Marinn at her dance competition.

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Shelly Flake said...

So glad that you live in town so we can hang out with you and watch the kids grow. They are doing that quickly!