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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Caden is Six Months Old!

6 Months!
Weight: 18lb 10oz, 70%
Height: 27 3/4in, 90%
Head: 44.5in, 80%

Caden has found his voice. He is squawking and squealing all the time.
He chomps on everything all day long. When he's hungry he turns into a little tiger and starts ferociously chomping on my shoulders.
He has hazel eyes, taking after Steve.
He loves ceiling fans, he smiles so big and thinks they're the coolest.
He is too big for 6 month clothes, wearing mostly 9 month size.
He says mamama.
He loves watching his big brother and big sis.
I love this little human!

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Krie said...

He is such a cutie :) <3 ! Thanks for inviting me to follow your blog and see what your sweet family is up to. I love keeping in touch with my mission sisters. I miss you all so much.
I've been thinking about making my blog private as well. Might make the move some time soon, we'll see. There are some weird people out there and I post a lot of kid pictures, too. Anyways, thanks again and I miss you. Hope you're doing awesome. But I think you are, by the looks of it ;). Love!