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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Park City Trip

Steve had an implant class in Heber over the weekend so we made a trip of it.
On Wednesday we left our house at 8am and met Steve's parents for lunch in downtown Provo at Roccos. We then went to Dawson's apartment and picked up my mom's car so that Steve would have a car to drive to his class. We then drove to Park City to check in to our villa at Marriott Mountainside. We then went swimming in the hot tubs, even though it was kinda cold outside. We at dinner at Vinto on Main and then headed back for bed.

Thursday, Steve headed to Heber for his class and the kids and I headed to Hogle Zoo in SLC. We met my cousins there and had a great time. We didn't leave until after 2 and all three kids slept on the way back to Park City. It was actually really warm and sunny when we got back and we went to the pool again. Steve got back after 6 and we ate dinner at Sammy's Bistro.

Friday, Steve went to class and the rest of us headed to SLC. We went to City Creek first and I lost Bennett and Alexa while in H&M... they wanted to go down the escalator and I had to go down the elevator with the stroller. So in the time it took me to go down one floor, the kids went down the escalator and back up again. And then Bennett ran out of the store and Alexa chased him. Some moms noticed the kids looked lost and got the mall security guy. Needless to say, I was freaked out. I am just really glad Alexa was with Bennett. After I couldn't find the kids on the lower floor, I went back up and told some H&M employees. They called the mall and found out that the security guard had them and told me where to go find the kids. This was all within 5-10 minutes, but they were super long and scary minutes. 

We then walked to Temple Square and admired the beautiful Tulips! Then we headed to Provo, all three kids had a nap on the way. We ate lunch at Gurus. We then got to meet up with some mission friends and catch up. I left on my mission ten years ago next month! It was so neat to have my mission president and his wife there as well, President and Sister Price.

After, we met up with Dawson at Darrell and Eve's house and the kids played and we had pizza for dinner. We then drove back up to Park City. That night Bennett was us a lot puking... we are pretty sure he got food poisoning from some blueberries that only he ate. It was sad.

Saturday, Bennett was feeling mostly better all day, just tired. Steve had class again. In the morning I packed up our villa and we checked out around 11. We then drove to heber and got lunch at Kneaders. The kids then all had a nap on the way to Steve's parents house. The kids played with Nana and Papa and we later headed to Kim and Ashley's new house in Cedar Hills. It is beautiful! Steve met us there a little after 4. Brandon and Julie's family met us there as well. We had a yummy BBQ and the cousins had a blast playing with each other. We stayed the night at Steve's parents.

Sunday, Bennett was still not 100% so we didn't want to take him to church, so we drove home. We had a nice trip and were glad that we got to see family and friends. Steve said his class was very beneficial. I enjoyed the trip, although it didn't really feel like a restful vacation because It was me with three kids the whole time. But we survived!

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