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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

May was a funny month. It was cloudy and rainy a lot, which made for a nice long spring!

Alexa finished kindergarten! She is getting anxious for her birthday. She is good to include Bennett when they are playing. She is also good at making him mad :)

Bennett loves playing in the water outside and in the sandbox. He enjoys his play dates and has a hard time when they have to go home. 

Caden finally cut his first tooth. He likes to sit and play with toys.

I made the kids a "tricycle wash" our of PVC pipe. They've got a lot of use out of it.

We had an outing one day with my cousins and their kids. Bowling and the new park on the red hill.

We celebrated mother's day and my moms birthday at our house before my mom and dad went out-of-town.

The kids, especially Bennett, like to mess with Caden.

Alexa dressed up to be like her ballerina Alexa doll.

We had Dillon and Lucy over several times while Lindsey and Carlton were on vacation. The kids loved it.

They are good at making messes!

We had several play dates at the river. It is a really fun spot to go!

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