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Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day in Orem

We had a great time with family over Memorial Day weekend. On Friday morning we picked up Sean and Josh and drove up to Orem. Bennett and Josh had a nap and the kids played with Nana and then all of the Jacksons headed over to Kim and Ashley's house in Cedar Hills. We had a delicious dinner and the cousins had a blast playing. We headed back to Nana and Papa's to sleep.

On Saturday morning we met everyone at the Payson Temple open house. It is a beautiful temple! The kids all did really well. I am so glad our family can be together forever! Afterward, we went to the Provo cemetery to visit the graves of Nana's parents and Papa's father. We ate pizza for lunch at Nana and Papa's. The weather was mostly sunny with some sprinkles here and there and we played mostly outside, but also went to the church for the guys to shoot some hoops. That night we ate at Dickies for dinner and then went to Hang Time to jump around. The kids loved it!

On Sunday, we went to all three hours of church with Nana and Papa. The kids had naps and then we went to Brandon and Julie's for yummy BBQ, playing at two parks, and games. We kept the kids up late, but it was tons of fun!

Monday morning, the guys played golf. I took my kids to the mall and packed up our stuff. We left around 1 so the kids could nap on the way home. We had a really fun time! Everything went well except that Caden had a tooth come in and he (and I) did not sleep great. But it was all worth it, especially to all go see the temple together as a family!

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