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Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend in Orem

We arrived in Orem at lunch time on Friday. That afternoon we went to Scera park with cousins to watch the Candy Bomber drop candy from his airplane. There were way too many people and it was way too hot! But it was neat anyway. Later we swam at Papa's and ate dinner.

On the morning of the Fourth, Steve and Kim took most of the kids to the Freedom Festival in Provo to see the hot air balloons. Unfortunately they never went in the air because of wind. For lunch we had a delicious BBQ with everyone and swam some more. That evening went to Brandon's to watch the fireworks in his neighborhood. They had all pooled money together and threw a really awesome firework display. It was fun being so close. Bennett was really sensitive to the loud noise and only came out of the house half way through and Steve had to cover his ears. By the end he said he really like the fireworks. Caden seemed to like them, and 10 minutes into it he actually fell asleep! ha! The kids went to bed late!

On Sunday was the blessing of baby Eve, Sean and Cari Sue's baby. She is a beauty! That afternoon they blessed her in the park behind Papa's house and we had some yummy food. We took pictures and enjoyed the beautiful weather! We played some games that night.

Monday morning Steve went golfing with the boys. I packed up our stuff and also took pictures of Kim and Ruth's house that they will probably be selling soon. We left Orem around 1. We had so much fun seeing all the Jacksons. The kids just love their cousins!

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