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Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

Alexa is always wanting to play with friends. If she's not playing with a friend then she is moving around the house, room by room, making a mess. She only cleans something up if I ask her too. We need to work on that. She has enjoyed a couple of summer camps. This month she had a nature camp with some friends at Tonaquint Nature Center.

Bennett got in the habit of talking like a baby occasionally. So now when he is trying not to do baby talk, he talks in a deep rumbly voice. He also comes out of his room like 4 times when he's supposed to be going to bed. And he wakes up way too early, usually like 6:00am. He is still taking three hour naps, so I think that might be the problem. I have to figure it out soon! However, he has also learned to be quite a gentleman occasionally. He will hold doors open for me and one day I started coming in with groceries and he asked me if there were more for him to bring in! He can be a real sweetheart at times.

Caden has learned to clap and he now enjoys bouncing in the swing and in the exersaucer type thing. He gives purposeful hugs and I love it. He loves being around the big kids, otherwise he's bored.

Steve's office is still as busy as ever. He and I have been learning more about real estate and are preparing to makes some investments. 

I've really been enjoying the fun we've been having this summer, but I admit that I am ready for school to start again. I really enjoy myself a good structured schedule.

We joined my moms neighborhood party one evening. Alexa loved the giant water slide and Bennett loved the water guns.

We went to the Pioneer Day parade with my mom and some friends. It was a VERY small parade. But the kids did get some candy.

Bennett got stung by a wasp. But I think it must have been like a warning sting, because it only bothered him for a few minutes.

We had fun with Sean and Cari Sue in town and took the kids to an indoor trampoline park.
Bennett and Alexa have been earning awards for good behavior, Alexa chose the trampoline park and Bennett chose bowling. Bennett kept talking about how much fun he had "goaling".
Alexa had a fun time at nature camp with her friends.

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