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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

Wow, a lot went on in October! Dawson got married, we helped remodel my mom's house, halloween activities, lots of birthdays, buying a condo, and having a lot of fun.

Caden starting crawling just after he turned one. He seems like he may start walking soon as well. He has been working on a lot of teeth coming through. He drools like a bulldog. He has a few new words like ball, and fish. He also likes to mimic animal noises. For some reason he's often in a bad mood after a nap and he hates getting his diaper changed all of the sudden. He loves that he can crawl and he has started making a mess wherever he goes. He is a sweetie and is super kissable.

Bennett has been entertaining himself much better lately while Alexa is at school. He also is suddenly super clingy and doesn't want to go to preschool or play at his friends. It has been tricky. I'm hoping he grows out of it quickly. He learned the words "Chinese" and "gymnastics" right at about the same time. So every Wednesday he asks, "Are we going to Chinese today?" Alexa has started sleeping in the other twin bed in his room. They are doing great. Bennett has been sleeping much better also because he doesn't nap anymore.

Alexa and Bennett were sad to say goodbye to cousins Dillon and Lucy who moved back to Mesa. Alexa enjoys school but I think she gets burnt out with the full day and all the homework. She hasn't been as excited about riding her bike to school lately so we've been driving her a lot. She loves having playdates with her friends. She has also been into coloring a drawing more lately.

Steve and I finally got a new mattress this month, we were past due.

We celebrated 5 October birthdays this month.
 Bennett was trying out his costume early in the month, he calls himself an "inja".
 The kids like to perform musical talent shows for me.

 The kids enjoy playing in the sand box.

 We had a really fun dinner for my dad's birthday at a new Italian restaurant. Cappelletti's, it was delicious. It was really cool being there with all the siblings, spouses, and fiance's :) And it was super nice to have the kids with babysitters!

 My parents, Lindsey and I got to go see The Piano Guys in concert at Tuacahn. It was pretty awesome. Beautiful music!
 We frosted some Halloween cookies for some neighbors.
 All three kids still have a bath together. Ha!
 We went to Olive Garden for Lindsey's birthday lunch.
 The kids helped grandma make yummy homemade bread.
 We carved pumpkins with Grandpa. Bennett got a little too into it.

 Alexa got her teeth cleaned at daddy's office while dressed up as a kitty.
 We went to the park while looking at some investment properties.
 On Halloween morning we went on a little hike at Dixie rock. It was a beautiful day.

 Bennett and Talon, best buds.

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Shelly Flake said...

Wow, what a fun month we had! Thanks for keeping track of us and sharing pictures.