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Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

Caden is close to walking. He likes to walk with someone helping him or with the toy walker. He loves to have crawling races with Bennett. Bennett says "ready, set, go!" and Caden starts crawling and says "go, go, go!" He also loves rolling a ball back a forth and pushing cars around. He loves crawling around on rocks when we hike and playing in the play room with the big kids.

Bennett can be very sweet, but he also can go crazy when he really wants something. He is good to let Caden crawl around following him and usually shares toys. He sure loves his buddy Talon.

Alexa has to have her hair in a bun to sleep. She loves that we let her sleep in Bennett's room. She likes to do chores as long as she is earning a puff ball that will fill her jar. When her jar is full to the top she gets to chose a family activity.

Steve is staying busy at work and enjoyed getting the Christmas lights put up. I'm just staying busy with the kids and getting excited for our cruise and the Christmas season.

 Play group
 Play date

At the Jubilee of Trees Alexa asked for an Elsa doll and Bennett asked for a train.

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