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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Jacksons

We hosted all the Jacksons for Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun! Brandon's family, Kim, and Ruth came down on Tuesday evening. The kids were so excited to have their cousins sleep over. Steve had work off from Wednesday through Friday.

On Wednesday we did a costco run and Kim and Ashley's family arrived in time for lunch. We also played pickleball at the park. We played pie in the face game that night.

On Thanksgiving day, most everyone went to the park and the guys had a turkey bowl. We ate a delicious turkey feast at 1pm. Most everyone went to The Good Dinosaur movie that afternoon. Caden and I went to my mom's house to have second thanksgiving dinner with the Flake side. That night we played games and relaxed.

Friday morning the guys went golfing. The women took the kids to the Red Hills Desert Garden to walk and hike around. We tooks some family pictures that afternoon. After a tasty salmon dinner we went to the temple to walk around and see the pretty Christmas lights. We came home and had some hot chocolate and played games.

On Saturday, everyone cleaned up and headed home after lunch. We love having family visit and it was awesome to have everyone at once!

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