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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Caribbean Cruise!

Steve and I booked this cruise way back before summer, so this has been a long time coming! On Saturday we finished packing. We gave our kids big hugs and kisses and put them to bed. My parents came to our house to stay with the kids and we headed to Vegas. We parked our car at a nearby hotel that has cheap parking and a shuttle to the airport. Our flight was on time and we flew on the red eye flight arriving in Fort Lauderdale around 6am. We slept as well as you can expect to sleep on a flight. But it was only a few hours so we were pretty tired.

I was able to find a close hotel that had a shuttle from the airport and one we could take to the cruise terminal later on. We arrived at the hotel and had breakfast. We then slept by the pool on the lounge chairs! It was great! We then got on the shuttle and headed to the Royal Caribbean terminal.

We boarded the Navigator of the Seas! The ship was decorated beautifully for Christmas. We had lunch at the buffet on board, and then had a nap! That night we had dinner in the dining room and then went to the welcome show in the theater.

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