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Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

In December, we went on a Caribbean cruise, enjoyed the holidays at home, and then went to Phoenix for New Years.

Here are some of Caden's new words:
ready set go
bye bye
go, go, go
choo choo

Caden can go up and down the stairs, so we don't have to use the gates anymore. He has taken several steps but won't go more than three or four. He does his best when we use his blankie as bait. He loves to hold my fingers while walking and he directs me around by saying "go, go, go". He likes to say hi and bye to people. He is obsessed with balls and notices them anywhere we go. He also loves trains.

Bennett had a clingy stage the last few months but he is back to being brave :) But now he is in some kind of hitting/punching phase... He is very sweet and thoughtful otherwise.

Alexa is loving Chinese and gymnastics. We will be moving on to swim lessons next month for her and Bennett. She had a fun Christmas Break playing with a lot of friends and cousins.

Steve and I had a great time on the cruise! It was awesome to have my parents watch our kids. Steve enjoyed several extra days off this month for the holidays. I really loved Christmas and even enjoyed organizing all the toys afterward.

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