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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday at Grand Cayman Island

Tuesday was so much fun! We had breakfast at Windjammer, the buffet. We then tendered on a smaller boat to the port on Grand Cayman. While we were waiting for our tour guide we met Kevin and Denise who were in our tour group. They are from Orem and it was amazing how many things we have in common. Like we met our spouses at the Riviera apartments at BYU, cougar fans, her family is from Snowflake, AZ, as well as mine. They're kids are friends with Puck, who was friends was Steve in high school, she was a cougarette as well as my mom. And a bunch of other small things. It was fun to spend the day with them.

When our guide came, we took a quick shuttle ride to some docks. We boarded our boat with Captain Mario, his first mate Dwayne, and Antonio the deck hand. They were entertaining. Our first stop was Starfish Point where we got to find and hold a bunch of star fish. While there a 9 year old boy got stung by at box jellyfish. He was fine after 30 minutes or so.

We then had pizza on the boat and headed to Stingray City where you stand on a sandbar in the middle of the bay and hold and feed the stingrays, it was pretty incredible. It was amazing how many there were and how fun it was to hang out with them.

We then went in the boat just a little further away to go snorkeling. It was fantastic! We saw tons a fish and Steve dove for a few shells. We also saw lots of homes owned by millionaires as we headed back to the dock. We then went into town and had a delicious shrimp taco lunch with Kevin and Denise at the Sunshine Grill. We then shopped for a few souvenirs and tendered back to the ship. We later had dinner and then saw "the Cat's Pajamas" in concert that night.

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