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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday in Jamaica

Ya mon. No Problem. We loved Jamaica!

We were a little nervous about our excursion today, the driver showed up late and we were the only ones he was driving. Jamaica is very third world and quite sketchy. It was scary on the roads! The whole thing made the experience very memorable! Our driver took us from Falmouth to Ocho Rios where we met up with a group of 10. We drove up super skinny road to Blue Hole. It was AMAZING. I'm so sad that our GoPro battery died, we didn't get nearly enough pictures! We jumped off a bunch of waterfalls and swung on rope swings and hiked around. It was SO beautiful and fun.

Next we drove back down the mountain a bit and went tubing down white river. I'm so sad we didn't take any pictures! Halfway through the ride we stopped on a sandbar peninsula at a makeshift outdoor "market" where they wanted us to buy pictures, gifts, drinks, etc. We did get some Jerk Chicken for lunch, it was tasty! We then met up with a different bus to drive the hour back to the cruise ship. It was very scenic and interesting to see the way they live there.

Later that day we won gold and silver medals for the shuffleboard competition, but only because we were the only ones who participated! Steve also played some Basketball for a while. We had dinner and then went to the Battle of the Sexes game and then watched the Marriage and Dating game in the theater.


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